DJI Inspire 3 Released

DJI has just unveiled the long-awaited Inspire 3 drone.

And it's a beast.

Much beloved by cinematographers everywhere, the Inspire 2 featured groundbreaking flight time, speed, and interchangeable cameras. The Inspire 3 picks up on this theme and expands upon in.

New Features:

Max speed - 90 km/h

Camera - a FULLFRAME Zenmuse X9-8K Air (this will require its own dedicated article)

Lenses - a new 18mm F2.8 lens with others on their way

Timecode Sync - a way to capture timecode while recording with multiple cameras and the Inspire 3 to allow easier syncing of footage later

Controls - DJI RC Plus and O3 Pro Video Transmission allow up to 15km range with up to 4K live feed

Upward-angle capable gimbal - able to tilt up to 80 degrees upward (when the landing gear is down)

There will doubtless be plenty more information coming from DJI and early adopters in the months to come. You can reserve your own right now on DJI's site for a cool $16,499.

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